Be a star thrower

Jan 24, 2021 by Linda J Wright

I read this little story about him a while ago, and it has always stayed with me. One day Eiseley was walking along a deserted beach when suddenly he saw a man standing alone at the water’s edge. Unlike other beach-goers, the stranger had not come to the beach to fish or collect shells. Instead, he was busy searching the shore for starfish stranded by the tide and, spotting them, he threw them back into the ocean. After watching the man for awhile, Eiseley stepped to the side of the star thrower. “Silently I bent and picked up a still living star,” Eiseley wrote, “spinning it far out into the waves. ‘I understand,’ I said to myself. ‘Call me another star thrower.’ Only then did I allow myself to think that the man was not alone any longer. After this, there will surely be others.’ “How readily we can make a huge difference,” Eiseley wrote. “A shift in attitude, a flicker of a hand and a life is saved. It can be that easy.” Really, it can be. Take that ugly bug back out to the garden where it belongs. Put out some seed and water for the birds in the cruel winter months. Look around. There are stars to be thrown everywhere.