Stealth philosophy. It makes writing worthwhile.

Jan 10, 2021 by Linda J Wright

Of course, I want to give them a darned good mystery, too!  (Having written a award-winning mystery series in the 90s, as well as a few one-offs, I like to think that I DO know how to put a story together). Stealth philosophy is what makes my writing worthwhile. I wondered when I began my series how readers and reviewers would react. And encouragingly, they reacted well!  About my first book, “Stolen: A Kieran Yeats Mystery”, Publishers Weekly said this: “Wright, who has been involved in animal advocacy for 30 years, combines her passionate commitment to animal rights with a riveting whodunit.” Grant Leishman, who reviewed my book for the Readers Favorite contest, said: “I am always impressed, as a reader, when social issues are able to be promoted in fiction, without drawing away from the enjoyment of the story, and this author does it extremely well.” I take great pains never to be preachy, and to ALWAYS write a happy ending. Are the bad guys in my books punished? Yup. Are the animals rescued? Yup. Are any animals harmed? (One of my more tender-hearted fans asked me this question). Absolutely not. Is justice served? In a fashion. As my protagonist, attorney-turned-animal crimes-investigator Kieran Yeats says: “At the end of the day it felt so much better to have intervened on behalf of a living animal than to have argued in court for a dead one.”